Deploy Recast Agents

Using Recast Agents with Endpoint Insights creates additional hardware inventory classes on each machine. The extra classes populate related Endpoint Insights reports.

To deploy Recast Agents for Endpoint Insights Standalone:

1. Open the Configuration Manager console.

2. Navigate to Software Library > Application Management > Applications. A RecastAgent application will be created.

3. Deploy the Agent as you would any other application.

NOTE: Recast Agents will take time to deploy and report their data back to the ConfigMgr database. By default, the hardware inventory cycle can take up to 7 days, shortening the time to install and increasing the frequency of reporting back to ConfigMgr can shorten this time significantly.

Recast Agents use minimal resources when used with Endpoint Insights and Right Click Tools. 

Testing has shown the following resource use: 

  • Recast Agent connected to RMS when idle: 0% CPU and 45 MB 
  • Recast Agent connected to RMS when running an action: 3% CPU and 85 MB 
  • Recast Agent used for Endpoint Insights Standalone: 0% CPU and 45 MB