Create a Fast Channel Route

To create a Fast Channel route:

1. In your Recast Management Server, navigate to Administration > Routes.

2. In the main window, click Create.

3. In the Create Route window, set the route Type to ConfigMgr Fast Channel.

4. Enter Recast Proxy details.

5. Set the Role to Administrators.

6. Make sure that Limit to devices is enabled and select devices to include within the scope.

     Notes on Limiting to Devices:
  • You must limit the Fast Channel route to a specific scope. Using the default 'All Scopes' setting will not work.
  • Target devices must fall within the scope set up for the Fast Channel route.
  • The Recast Management Server must be aware that the target device is within the scope set up for the Fast Channel route. This may mean repopulating the scope, particularly when the device was recently added to that scope's limiting collections.

7. Set the Refresh Interval.

8. Select the Service Connection. For more information, see Service Connections.

9. Click Create.

To make actions run using the Fast Channel route, you must move that route from the bottom of the Routes table to a row that is above the Console Extension route.

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