Updated Articles

  1. Retrieve a Temporary Password

    You can retrieve a local account password directly from your Configuration Manager console using the Privilege Manager console extension. You can also retrieve the password from the Recast Management Server interface. Once a password is retrieved,...
  2. Remove an Application from a Deployment Process

    You can remove an application from an existing deployment process on the Applications page in the Recast Management Server interface. When an application is removed, the deployment process will no longer install newer versions of the application...
  3. Recast Software Version 5.5.2405.1503

    Release notes for Recast Software Version 5.5.2405, released May 15, 2024.
  4. Authorize a Recast Agent

    Installed agents must be authorized before they can be used to run actions.
  5. Application Packages Will Not Download

    When Recast Management Server is run on an Azure Virtual Machine in an Azure Private DNS zone, prod02amappcatalogpub.blob.core.windows.net is unreachable and produces a DNS name resolution error.
  6. Recast Agent Prerequisites

    If your Recast Management Server is using a self-signed certificate, you must import the certificate into the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities Store on all devices that will have Agents. For instructions on importing a certificate to a local m...
  7. Migrating to Application Manager with RMS

    Benefits and limitations of Application Manager with RMS and Application Manager Standalone to help guide your migration plans.
  8. Applications Missing from Enterprise Catalog

    You are licensed for Application Manager Enterprise but are not seeing the full software catalog on the Applications page in your Recast Management Server.
  9. Recast Software Version 5.4.2402.1403

    Release Date: February 14, 2024 Version 5.4.2402.1403 includes new features and bug fixes. Upgrade to this Recast Software release by downloading it from the Recast Portal. For instructions on updating to this version, see our articles on upg...
  10. Reimport Applications

    You can reimport an application version without the need to wait until a new version is published in the Application Manager catalog.