Routes determine which Recast Proxy is going to run a Recast Action. You need to have a route for each of the ways that your Right Click Tools actions will reach out to your managed computers. There are four types of routes, each corresponding to the types of proxies available.

ConfigMgr Console User Proxy route sends the action being run from the originator's console out to the target device.

ConfigMgr Fast Channel route sends actions to computers that have the Recast Agent or the WMI provider installed, and are communicating over the Fast Channel.

Recast Agent Proxy route sends the action to the agent that is installed on the computer where the action is going to be run.

Service Account route sends an action to a service account if the route is assigned a role that has permissions to run the action and if the targets of that action fall within the route’s assigned scope. The route role and scope work similarly to user permissions.

To learn more about Routes, see Post RMS-Install Configurations.