Install Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server

Installing Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server gives you access to additional functionality:

  • Role-based administration that uses Active Directory users and/or groups to allow access to specific Right Click Tools
  • Auditing of actions so that administrators have a record of actions that were run using the Right Click Tools and which users initiated the actions
  • Scheduling of certain Right Click Tools actions and Builder actions
  • Use of Recast Proxy to run actions against computers using a service account
  • Use of Recast Agents to run actions against computers in untrusted domains, workgroups, or over the ConfigMgr Cloud Managed Gateway
  • Access to web dashboards and web dashboard trends

For more information, see About Recast Management Server.


NOTE: You can also choose to install a Recast Proxy separately at a later time.

Install Location

Default Tool Install Location: C:\Program Files(x86)\Recast Software\Recast RCT

The install location can be edited on the General tab in the Configure Recast RCT application after Right Click Tools is installed.

Download Right Click Tools

You can download the latest Right Click Tools installer by logging into the Recast Portal.

Install Right Click Tools

After downloading Right Click Tools Enterprise from the Recast Portal, run the installer. Make sure your Configuration Manager console is closed before opening the installer.

To choose an installation type:

  1. Double-click the .msi file to open the installer.
  2. Under RCT Installation Type, choose Recast RCT Enterprise with Recast Server.
    • Enable Add RCT Builder to all console nodes (optional). To learn about the Right Click Tools automation engine, see RCT Builder.  
    • Enable Skip in console permissions checks (optional). With this option enabled, all tools will appear as if they are available.

Under RCT Installation Type, choose Recast RCT Enterprise with Recast Server.

To connect to the Recast Management Server:

  1. Enter the Server Name that hosts the Recast Management Server. 
  2. If using a port other than the default (444), change the Server Port. 
  3. Click Test Connection to verify that you can connect to the server.
  4. Click Install

Click Test Connection to verify that you can connect to the server.

Verify Your Installation and Licensing

To verify that Right Click Tools has installed correctly:

  1. Open the Assets and Compliance section in the Configuration Manager console where you installed Right Click Tools. 
  2. Click Recast Software in the navigation panel. 
  3. Check that the Installation Information section displays the software version, indicates that you have an Enterprise License, and shows your Remote Server Status as 'Connected'.

Right Click Tools Enterprise Server Installation

Silent install with Recast Management Server

Add the parameter RCTENTERPRISESERVER=https://<FQDN>:<Port> to your install string so your agent can connect to the Recast Management Server. Substitute the FQDN for your RMS server followed by the port number. The default port used by RMS is TCP 444. 


msiexec.exe /i "Right Click Tools.msi" /qn RCTENTERPRISESERVER=""