Recast Proxy Logs

For Endpoint Insights, only the warranty collection service runs on the Recast Management Server. Should Recast Support ask you for Recast Proxy logs to assist with troubleshooting, here's where to find them and how to send them.

Proxy Log Location

C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Logs

 Log Name Description


 Information about when warranty details are submitted to the Recast Warranty service. 


To send Recast Proxy logs to Recast Support:

1. In the Logs folder, select all Recast Proxy logs showing more than 0 KB.

2. Right-click and add the selected logs to a new Compressed (Zipped) File.

3. Send the file to our Support Team.

NOTE: You can also use the EI Support Tool to collect all Endpoint Insights logs into a single .zip file.

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