EI Setup Logs

Here's where to find Endpoint Insights Setup Logs and how to send them to our Support Team.

Setup Log Location

Since Endpoint Insights must be installed on your primary site server, the setup logs are located there at C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Logs.

 Log Name Description

 Endpoint Insights.log

  • Provides details about the EI setup.
  • Located in either the ConfigMgr Agent log location or %temp%.
  • Exact log location is displayed on the main installation screen during Endpoint Insights setup.


  • Provides details about the EI uninstall.
  • Located in the %temp% folder for whoever installed EI.
  • Exact log location is displayed on the completed screen when uninstalling EI. 

To send Endpoint Insights Setup logs to Recast Support: 

1. In the Logs folder, select all setup logs showing more than 0 KB.

2. Right-click and add the selected logs to a new Compressed (Zipped) File.

3. Send the file to our Support Team.

NOTE: You can also use the EI Support Tool to collect all Endpoint Insights logs into a single .zip file.

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