Edit Client Settings

To edit client settings for a target group:

1. On the Target Groups page, click the Settings icon (cogs) to the right of a target group.

2. In the side panel that opens, you can change any of the following default client settings:

General Settings

  • Update settings interval: Default is 60 minutes 
  • Allowed time tolerance: Default is 10 minutes
  • Manage hybrid devices from Azure Active Directory
    • Allow processing cached rules in offline
    • Allow processing cached rules after update error
    • Debug mode

Credential Provider Settings

  • Usage scenario:
    • Allow 'Use activation code' method
    • Allow 'Run with Local Account' method
    • Allow 'Run with Domain Account' method
  • Default method: Default is 'Run with Local Account'
  • Timeout: Default is 30 seconds

Local Password Settings

  • Characters allowed in passwords
  • Length of password: Default is 16 characters
  • Re-Generate Interval: Default is to re-generate passwords every 7 days

After making any changes, click Save to update your client settings.