Recast Agent Logs

A Recast Agent is used to collect inventory data for Endpoint Insights. 

There are two types of Recast Agent logs for EI: Client Installation and Client Operation. Should our Support Team ask you to send Recast Agent logs to assist with troubleshooting Endpoint Insights, here's where to find them and how to send them to us.

Agent Log Location

C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Logs

Client Installation

If a Recast Agent was installed using the Configuration Manager Application created during Endpoint Insights setup, the client installation log will be located in the %temp% folder, which is typically found at C:\Windows\Temp

If you deploy a Recast Agent in another manner, logging is not enabled by default. In this case, use the normal MSI logging switches to enable Recast Agent client setup logging. The recommended settings are /L*V %temp%\RecastAgentMSI.log.

 Log Name Description

 RecastAgentMSI<version number>.log

 Provides details about the MSI installation.

 Client Operation

For RecastAgent_Computer.log, RecastAgent_Monitor.log, and RecastAgent_User.log, this will always be the active log. 

For RecastAgent_xxx.log, the log file with the highest version number will be the active log for Recast Agent.

 Log Name Description


  • Main Endpoint Insights inventory log file. 


  • Details about computer monitor inventory, such as how it is connected.


  • Details about user inventory, such as ARP data for a user.


  • Details about the Recast Agent service itself.

To send Recast Agent logs to Recast Support:

1. In the Logs folder, select all Agent logs showing more than 0 KB.

2. Right-click and add the selected logs to a new Compressed (Zipped) File.

3. Send the file to our Support Team.

NOTE: You can also use the EI Support Tool to collect all Endpoint Insights logs into a single .zip file.

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