Hardware Inventory Functionality

Checking hardware inventory functionality can help you to pinpoint the source of data collection issues in Endpoint Insights.

To check hardware inventory function for non-warranty data:

  1. Install the Recast Agent client on a single device.  
  2. Run a hardware inventory using Right Click Tools. Hardware will be returned to Configuration Manager within 5-10 minutes. You can also choose to review the inventoryagent.log to see the collection of Endpoint Insights classes.
  3. In your Configuration Manager console, open Resource Explorer 
  4. Confirm that the last hardware inventory date is recent. You should see all (or most) of the Endpoint Insights hardware inventory classes on a device.   

To check hardware inventory function for warranty data:

  • In your Recast Management Server, on the Warranty page, confirm that the last run date is populated.  
  • Using the Power BI desktop Power BI report Server or SSRS, review the WIR Details Dashboard. This will show you all devices discovered within the last 7 days.  
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