Enabling Remote Registry, Remote WMI and ICMP Echo. Configuring your SQL database and Wake on LAN.


Enable Remote Registry
The Remote Registry service is used by many of the Right Click Tools to pull information about a particular device. This service is not enabled by default, but can be easily enabled with Group Policy.
Enable Remote WMI
Many Right Click Tool use remote Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to gather information and perform ConfigMgr client actions on devices. WMI is not allowed through the Windows firewall by default, but can be easily enabled with Group Policy.
Enable ICMP Echo (Ping)
ICMP Echo is required by many Right Click Tools to detect if a computer is turned on. Since many of the tools use methods that are slow to timeout when a computer is turned off, Right Click Tools sends a ping packet to the computer and skips the device if no reply is received.
Configure SQL
Configuring your Recast tools to query the ConfigMgr SQL database directly for some actions can speed up actions and help with WMI quota violations. Configuring your tools to access your MBAM Recovery and Hardware database to query RecoveryKeyIDs will help with the MBAM Dashboards and with the Security Tools management of BitLocker keys.
Configure Wake on LAN (WOL)
Wake on LAN settings impact all WOL packets sent by Recast.
Interactive Command Prompt
Configuration Steps The Interactive Command Prompt tool requires you to download PsExec . Please click "Download" if you don't already have it installed and complete the installation. Once the installation of PsExec has complete...