Website Settings

On the Agent Gateway Website Settings page, specify the IIS website created or used for the Agent Gateway.

Because the Privilege Manager Portal will be on the same server, you will need to specify the IP address, port, and host header that are unique on the server. To use HTTPS, configure the HTTPS binding and settings manually from IIS manager after the installation. If an existing Agent Gateway is being updated, use the same website settings that the previous version used. You can view the existing website settings from the Agent Gateway website in the IIS management console.

  1. Specify the Website name for the Agent Gateway application. The website will be created if it does not exist in IIS.
  2. Enter the IP address that will be used by the website. If all server IP addresses should be bound to the Agent Gateway website, enter an asterisk (*) .
  3. Enter the Port that will be used by the website.
  4. Specify the Host header name that will be used by the website. This optional value can be used to run several websites on same server using the same IP address and port, as long as host header names are unique.

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