Insufficient Recast Permissions

What it means

This error means that Right Click Tools has determined that you don’t have permissions to run the action that you are trying to run. There are two reasons this can happen, either you really don’t have enough permissions granted in the Recast Management Server (your administrator has limited permissions to you or a group that you are a part of). The other reason might be that your trial license has expired, and you no longer have access to the Enterprise part of Right Click Tools.

How to resolve the issue

If you are seeing this message because your 30 day trial of the Enterprise Right Click Tools has ended, you may have clicked the "Skip in console permissions checks" when you installed the software. This ignores permission checks when showing you the Tools that you have access to, but it does not ignore the existence of an Enterprise License. What may result is that it looks like you have access to all the Enterprise Tools, but when you try to run them it determines you do not have a license and gives you the error. You can uninstall and reinstall Right Click Tools without clicking the box to fix the problem.

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