Assign a Right Click Tools Administrator Role

You can grant users and groups Recast permissions by assigning an administrator role. Your Recast software must be connected to Recast Management Server to set up role-based permissions.

Add Active Directory User or User Group

To add an AD user or user group:

1. In your Recast Management Server, navigate to Administration > Permissions.

2. In the main window, click Add User or Add Group.

3. In the window that opens, search for your AD name or AD user group and click the Add button.

NOTE: You can include a wildcard (*) to facilitate your search.

Wildcard examples:
  • John Connor returns strings that match exactly
  • John C*  returns strings beginning with 'John C', such as 'John Connor', 'John Connors', and 'John Cranston'
  • *Connor returns strings ending with 'Connor', such as 'John Connor' and 'Carol O'Connor'
  • *Support* returns strings that include 'Support' plus whatever is on the left and right, such as 'Customer Support Team' and 'Enterprise Support Group'

Assign User a Role

A user must be assigned at least one role.

To assign a user an administrator's role:

1. On the Permissions page, click the Edit icon to the right of the user.

2. Under Role Assignments, select Administrators.

3. To limit the user's permissions to a set of devices, enable Limit this user to specific objects and select a Service Connection.

4. If desired, set a specific Refresh Interval for repopulating scopes. A longer interval uses fewer resources but also detects new users and devices less frequently.

5. Click Save.

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