Console Tools

These tools can be run on single and multi-selected devices. 

To run a tool on a device collection, see Console Tools on Collection.

System Information
Displays information about the operating system, hardware, applications, Windows updates, services, drivers, user profiles, local group members, and batteries.

AD Security Groups
Displays all Active Directory group memberships for a device.

Cancel Pending Restart or Shutdown
Runs shutdown.exe /a on the remote machine, aborting any imminent restarts or shutdowns.

Connect to C$
Opens the client's C drive in a local Windows Explorer window.

Delete Device(s) from AD
Deletes devices from Active Directory.

Delete Device(s) from ConfigMgr
Removes devices from the ConfigMgr database.

Group Policy Update
Forces an update to a computer policy, user policy, or both.

Interactive Command Prompt
Opens a command prompt on the remote device.

Interactive PowerShell Prompt
Opens a PowerShell prompt over PS Remoting.

Local Group Members
Displays Active Directory group membership for the device.

Manage Computer
Opens the Computer Management window.

Open Regedit
Opens the Registry Editor and connects to the remote device.

Ping System(s)
Sends an ICMP Echo request.

Restart System(s)
Triggers a device restart.

Running Processes
Lists all processes running on a remote device.

Schedule Restart or Shutdown
Creates a scheduled task in Windows Task Scheduler to shut down or restart a device at a set time.

Send Notification
Sends custom notifications to selected devices.

Shutdown System(s)
Initiates a shutdown of selected devices.

Wake on LAN
Turns on or awakens a device by sending a network message.

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