Configuring SQL Server Permissions

This is only needed if the account running the Recast Management Installer does not have access to create a SQL Database.


Recast Management Server requires a SQL Server in version 4.0 and higher. This can be the free SQL Server Express version or a full version of SQL. The account installing Recast Management Server will need SysAdmin permission in the SQL instance to create the database, after the database has been created the SysAdmin privilege can be removed. The Test SQL Connection button can verify connectivity to the SQL Server if the account running the installation has permissions to remotely connect.

Alternatively, you can pre-create the Recast Management Server database and assign permissions manually. There are two users that will need to be assigned permissions in SQL, the computer account and the IIS AppPool\Recast Management Server account. Info on setting permissions for these two accounts continues below. Please note that the IIS AppPool\Recast Management Server account will not exist until after the installation is finished, so db_owner permissions will need to be assigned after installation.

Pre-creating the RecastManagementServer Database

  • If DB Admins aren't able/willing to give SysAdmin rights to the user account running the installation, the DB Admin can manually create a database named RecastManagementServer.

Adding the Computer Account via SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

  • If the computer account for the Recast Management Server computer does not exist in SQL, users will need to add the account manually. The computer account will have the following name format: domain\computername$
  • The computer account will need to be added in two places, as a Login Account, and as a Database User account.

Adding the computer account as a Login Account

  • To create the account open SSMS and expand the folder of the server instance in which you want to create the new login.
  • Right click on the Security folder, point to New, and select Login...
  • In the Login - New dialog box, on the General Page enter the name of the domain\computer$

Adding Login Account

  • Select User Mapping page, and Select the Recast Management Server in the top right box. In the bottom right box select db_owner

Adding db_owner to User Mapping