Software Download Location Folder Structure is Too Long

During the initial setup, Application Manager for MECM/WSUS can notify that the folder structure of specified Software Download Location is too long. This is because Windows has a limit of 256 characters for folder structures.

If you are positive that your folder structure in a local folder or in an UNC location will not reach 256 characters you can bypass this restriction:

  • During the setup, specify a temporary shorter location.
  • After the setup, open C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Application Manager\PackageDownloader\PackageDownloader.xml with a text editor.
  • Specify the wanted location and folder structure to the XML-file within the tags
    • <MediaLocation>C:\folder\location\example\structure\Documents\[ApplicationPublisher] [ApplicationName] [ApplicationVersion][ApplicationLanguage] [ApplicationArchitecture]\01 Media</MediaLocation>
    • <DocumentationLocation>C:\folder\location\example\structure\Documents\[ApplicationPublisher] [ApplicationName] [ApplicationVersion] [ApplicationLanguage] [ApplicationArchitecture]\</DocumentationLocation>