Transitioning from Enhansoft FAQ

Q: Should we uninstall the Enhansoft Service (Enhansoft Systray)?
A: Yes. It is no longer used.

Q: Should we stop the Install deployments of Enhansoft Reporting -ER, Enhansoft Reporting -MIR and Warranty Information Reporting?

A: Yes, once you have happily transitioned over to Endpoint Insights.

Q: Should we deploy the Uninstall deployment of Enhansoft Reporting -ER and Enhansoft Reporting -MIR? Is there an Uninstall for Warranty Information Reporting?

A: MIR, yes you can uninstall MIR or leave it. It will not cause issues if you leave it. We recommend ensuring CM is no longer collecting the data for ER and WIR and to leave the classes as they will never get updated again.

Q: Can both the EAM components and Endpoint Insights co-exist and if so what does this look like?

A: Yes, they can co-exist. From a Resource Explorer standpoint, you will see the "same" data within the existing Classes (mostly ES_) and new EI_<class name>. From an SSRS standpoint; you will see the existing ER/MIR/WIR ones and you will see the Endpoint Insights folder.