Configuring Recast Scopes

Recast Scopes are lists of devices. For Right Click Tools, those lists are used to limit actions to objects in a specific Active Directory Domain, Active Directory Path, Active Directory Group, ConfigMgr Site, ConfigMgr Device Collection, or ConfigMgr User Collections. A user is assigned a role and the permissions assigned to that role can be limited to only allow actions on certain devices, users, AD OUs, or AD groups. Scope results are cached and the maximum age before the cache is refreshed is determined by the Max Age slider.

What is needed to create a Scope?

  • Recast Scopes are populated by a Recast Proxy, and therefore a Recast Proxy is required if you would like to use Scopes in your environment.
  • You also must create a Recast Route after your Scope is created (if you don't already have one), so that the Management Server knows which proxy to use to populate a particular Scope.

Creating a Recast Scope

After you have verified that you have installed a Recast Proxy, you can create a scope by clicking on the scopes section of the Recast Management Server and clicking "Create"

You will need to enter the name, how frequently you would like the scope to repopulate itself (in minutes), and what type of scope you are creating.

Creating a Scope

After you select the type, it will ask you to complete the information for choice you made.

Settings for adding a scope

After your scope is created, you must create a route (if you don't already have one) to make sure the newly created Scope can populate.

Creating a Route

Click on the Routes section of the Recast Management Server. The routes page will open and will look like the below screenshot.

Routes Page

When you click on the create button, the Create Routes page will open.

Create Route

When you click "Create" the route will be created at the bottom of the list. You can move it up in the route order if you would like to run actions using this route, or you can configure the routes to only populate the proxy.

How should I configure my routes if I only want to use my proxy to populate my scopes?

If you only need your proxy to populate scopes and you do not want to run any actions using that Proxy, you can change the order of your Routes to reflect this desire. Make sure that the Service Account route is lower in your Route list than the Right Click Tools route. Because the Right Click Tools route will catch all actions and attempt to run them from the ConfigMgr console, actions will not get lower than that route. Below is an example of how to configure your Routes in this configuration.

Routes that only populate scopes

Verifying the scope is populated

After you have created the route, you can attempt to populate the scope. Repopulate the scope by clicking on the "Repopulate" button.

Repopulate Button

You will know that the scope populates when "Populated" is listed as "true" for your scope(s)

Scopes are populated