Client Tools: Install Missing Software Updates

The Install Missing Software Updates tool displays required or available software updates that are not currently installed on a device, allowing a user to select from the list and then install them.

How it does it

This tool completes this action via Remote WMI.


Navigate to the Install Missing Software Updates tool by right clicking on a Device Object, selecting Recast RCT, then Client Tools, and finally selecting Install Missing Software Updates.

IMSU Navigation

The Install Missing Software Updates tool can be run on single devices, multi-selected devices, or with a similar tool designed to be run on a device collection object itself.

Software Updates

When the action is run, the Remote Software Center will pop up and will start scanning the device(s) for available or required Software Update Deployments. These are presented to the console user in a list, from which the desired updates can be selected to be installed.

IMSU Screenshot

Upon successfully kicking off the remote install, the tool will display progress (of the kick off, not the installation itself) and progress log messages as they complete. Devices are sorted into successful and unsuccessful categories.

The Install Missing Software Updates tool is for installing update deployments that are available or required to a remote device. Using this tool will not deploy the updates, merely install updates that have already been deployed.

Recast Permissions

ConfigMgr Client
Install Software Updates

Microsoft Permissions

  • This tool requires administrator permission on the remote device.
  • If using a Recast Management Server with service account, the service account needs administrator permission on the remote device.
  • This tool uses remote WMI.