Server Migration


This is a guide to assist you with migrating your Recast Management Server database to a new server. 


Step 1: Back up your RecastManagementServer database and copy it over to the new location.
Step 2: Navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Recast Software\Recast Management Server" on your management server and open the "appsettings.Production.json" file.
Step 3: Update your server information in the .json file to specify the new server name.
Step 4: Open IIS, restart your Recast Management Server website, and recycle the app pool. (add screenshots)

If the name changes for the server, you will need to update any Right Click Tools installations to point to the new server by adding the new URL in “Configure Recast RCT”. If you have agents in your environment, you will also need to update the registry keys to point to the new server’s name as well.
 Configure Recast:

Agent Server Uri Registry Entry: 

Step 5: Success!