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  1. Configuration Manager Version 2207 Compatibility

    If you've recently upgraded to version 2207 of Configuration Manager, you may be experiencing compatibility issues with Right Click Tools.  Indications of the problem: Method not found error when attempting to run a dashboard Right ...
  2. Recast Management Server Interface Layout

  3. Tools Grayed Out

    There are a few different reasons your Right Click Tools might be grayed out and unavailable. Here are some troubleshooting steps to follow depending on your version of Right Click Tools.
  4. Right Click Tools Shows Community After an Enterprise License is Applied

    What it means There's likely multiple license files in C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses  that are conflicting with one another. How to Resolve the Issue 1. Close the Configuration Manager console. 2. Delete all license fil...
  5. Recast Management Server Settings

    Settings for all connected Right Click Tools and Recast Proxies are configured centrally in the Recast Management Server interface.
  6. Recast Management Server System Requirements

    Before installing Recast Management Server, ensure that your system meets the following hardware and software requirements. If installing Recast Management Server with Right Click Tools, your system must also meet Right Click Tools System Requirem...
  7. Recast Software Version 4.9.2209.701

    Release Date: 2022-09-15 Build: 4.9.2209.701 Upgrade to the newest bug fix release by downloading version 4.9.2209.701 from the Recast Portal . Bug Fixes   Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server   Fixes an issue ...
  8. Privilege Manager Security Overview

    Privilege Manager security is built in different layers that can be made even more secure using native Microsoft platform features such as certificate authentication and SQL database encryption.
  9. Privilege Manager System Requirements

    This guide outlines the system requirements needed to install and use Privilege Manager and its components in your organization.
  10. About Privilege Manager

    Privilege Manager is a tool providing local permission management in Microsoft Windows environments. It is used to manage local group memberships and local user accounts.