Popular Articles

  1. Install Right Click Tools Community Edition

    Download Right Click Tools Community today at https://www.recastsoftware.com/free-tool-download.
  2. RPC Server Is Unavailable

    The 'RPC Server is unavailable' error means that Right Click Tools is having trouble connecting to Remote WMI to run the selected action.
  3. Access Denied

    Steps to resolve an 'Access Denied' error message.
  4. Right Click Tools Missing After Install

    If Right Click Tools isn't appearing in the Configuration Manager console post installation, legacy console extensions may need to be configured to display their extensions.
  5. Intune Detection Rules

    If you are uploading an application with a custom detection method, you can set the detection method as Windows Installer, File and folder, or Registry.
  6. Manually Configure SQL Server Permissions

    If the account running the Recast Management Server installer does not have access to create a SQL database, you can pre-create the Recast Management Server database and assign permissions manually.
  7. Recast Builder Actions

    RCT Builder templates can help you to quickly deploy custom tools to your environment.
  8. Delegate Access to LAPS Recovery Keys in Active Directory

    You can grant a user or user group permission to read LAPS recovery keys stored in a designated organizational unit (OU) in Active Directory.
  9. SUDS Dashboard

    The Software Updates Deployment Status (SUDS) Dashboard displays the update compliance for each update classification in your environment. It allows you to obtain detailed information about each update classification and take action on devices a...
  10. Insufficient Recast Permissions

    Information and resolution steps for the 'Insufficient Recast Permissions' error message.