Popular Articles

  1. RPC Server Is Unavailable

    The 'RPC Server is unavailable' error means that Right Click Tools is having trouble connecting to Remote WMI to run the selected action.
  2. Install Right Click Tools Community Edition via the Recast Portal

    Download today at https://www.recastsoftware.com/free-tool-download.
  3. Install Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server

    How to install Right Click Tools Enterprise with the Recast Management Server.
  4. Install Right Click Tools Enterprise Standalone

    How to install the standalone version of Right Click Tools Enterprise.
  5. Install Recast Agents

    Recast Agents are installed on a computer and run Right Click Tools actions on that computer as the local system account. Recast Agents are useful for running actions against workgroup devices or devices in untrusted domains. In this scenario, a Rec...
  6. Download, Browse and Update Licenses

    In the Configure Recast RCT application, you can download, browse for, and update Recast Software licenses on the Licensing tab. The same tab also displays all of your licensing details . NOTE : If you've installed Right Click Tools with Re...
  7. Upgrade Right Click Tools Version

    Upgrading to the latest release of Right Click Tools lets you take advantage of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.
  8. Upgrade to Right Click Tools Enterprise Edition

    When you upgrade to the Enterprise version of Right Click Tools, you don’t need to reinstall to apply your enterprise license and unlock the Enterprise features of Right Click Tools.
  9. Right Click Tools System Requirements

    This guide outlines the system requirements and environment configuration needed to install and best utilize Right Click Tools.
  10. Recast Agent not Connecting

    Forcing the Agent to re-enroll gives you a way to approve an Agent, allowing it to connect again.