Popular Articles

  1. Install Right Click Tools Community Edition via the Recast Portal

    Download today at https://www.recastsoftware.com/free-tool-download.
  2. RPC Server Is Unavailable

    The 'RPC Server is unavailable' error means that Right Click Tools is having trouble connecting to Remote WMI to run the selected action.
  3. Access Denied

    Information and resolution steps for the 'Access Denied' error message.
  4. Install Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server

    How to install Right Click Tools Enterprise with the Recast Management Server.
  5. Install Right Click Tools via the Community Hub

    A guide to installing Recast Software's Right Click Tools Community edition via the Configuration Manager Community Hub.
  6. Recast Builder Overview

    Builder is an automation engine that lets you create your own custom Right Click Tools.
  7. Right Click Tools System Requirements

    This guide outlines the system requirements and environment configuration needed to install and best utilize Right Click Tools.
  8. Right Click Tools Missing After Install

    If Right Click Tools isn't appearing in the Configuration Manager console post installation, legacy console extensions may need to be configured to display their extensions.
  9. Supported Applications

    The full catalogue of software applications that can be updated using Recast Software's Application Manager.
  10. Upgrade to Right Click Tools Enterprise Edition

    When you upgrade to the Enterprise version of Right Click Tools, you don’t need to reinstall to apply your enterprise license and unlock the Enterprise features of Right Click Tools.