Updated Articles

  1. Application Manager for MECM Application Settings Updated

    Options set on the MECM Integration - Default application settings tab in Application Manager.
  2. AD LAPS Password Updated

    The AD LAPS Password tool lets you view the current AD LAPS password and its expiration. You can also use this tool to give an administrator a specific amount of time to set a LAPS password, allowing you to temporarily elevate permissions.
  3. Set LAPS Password Expiration Updated

    The Set LAPS Password Expiration tool let you give an administrator a specific amount of time to set a new LAPS password. This tool doesn't allow the admin to view the current password or its expiration date.
  4. Recently Added Recast Builder Actions Updated

    New actions added to Builder's Recast Actions panel in Version 5 releases, beginning with the most recent additions.  For a full list of the Recast Actions available in Builder, see the Recast Actions Catalog . Download and Install Sele...
  5. Recast Software Version 5.3.2312.503 New

    Release notes for Recast Software Version 5.3.2312.503, released December 6, 2023.
  6. Recast Software Version 5.3.2311.103

    Release notes for Recast Software Version 5.3.2311.103, released November 1, 2023.
  7. Recast Software Version 5.3.2310.304

    Release Notes for Recast Software Version 5.3.2310.304, released October 4, 2023.
  8. Recast Actions Catalog

    A list of all the actions available from the Recast Actions panel in the Builder interface. Plugin Action Active Directory Add Account to Group Delete Account Disable Account Enable Account Get Account Group Membership Get AD Comput...
  9. Application Manager Software Catalog

    The full catalogue of software applications that can be updated using Recast Software's Application Manager.
  10. Access Denied

    Steps to resolve an 'Access Denied' error message.