Updated Articles

  1. Failed to call server action SetRolePermissions

    When trying to create a custom role in the Recast Management Server interface, role permission issues may result in the following error: Failed to call server action SetRolePermissions . Resolution This error can potentially be resolved by edit...
  2. Agent Gateways for Right Click Tools

  3. Agent Gateway Overview

    Agent Gateways are new in Recast Software Version 5.0 . A Recast Agent Gateway is an on-premises component that connects your Recast Management Server to your Recast Agents. An Agent Gateway lets you to manage your endpoints at scale by providing ...
  4. Warranty Data Source Check

    How to confirm what source WIR is using to collect a PC’s warranty information.
  5. License Update Issues

    If you are experiencing difficulties updating your Recast Management Server licensing, there may be license files in the C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses  directory   that are conflicting with one another. Resolution You'll n...
  6. Frequently Asked Questions: Right Click Tools

    Answers to common questions about Right Click Tools.
  7. Recast Software Version 5.1.2305.507

    Recast Software Version 5.1.2305.507 Release Date: May 10, 2023 Upgrade to the newest Recast Software re lease by downl oading Version 5.1.2305.507 from the   Recast Portal . For instructions on updating your software version, see our ...
  8. Tools Grayed Out

    There are a few different reasons your Right Click Tools might be grayed out and unavailable. Here are some troubleshooting steps to follow depending on your version of Right Click Tools.
  9. Features by Right Click Tools Edition

    The features available to you in Right Click Tools vary according to which edition of the software you install and whether Right Click Tools is connected to Recast Management Server (RMS).
  10. Install Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server

    How to install Right Click Tools Enterprise with the Recast Management Server.