Updated Articles

  1. Troubleshoot License Updates

    If you are experiencing difficulties updating your Recast Management Server licensing, there may be license files in the C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses  directory   that are conflicting with one another. Resolution To resolve t...
  2. Configuration Manager

  3. Authorize a Recast Agent

    Installed agents must be authorized before they can be used to run actions.
  4. Enable/Disable Software Update Notifications

    By default, your Right Click tools will display a notification whenever a new software version is released. You can view or change your notification settings in either the Recast Management Server interface or the Configure Recast RCT application.
  5. Upgrade Right Click Tools Version

    Upgrading to the latest release of Right Click Tools lets you take advantage of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.
  6. License Updates

    If Right Click Tools is connected to Recast Management Server, the Recast Agent will automatically update licensing information from RMS when a new software version is installed . If Right Click Tools is not connected to Recast Management Server...
  7. View License Details

    The location of your licensing details depends on whether you're using Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server or in Standalone mode.
  8. Download, Browse and Update Licenses

    In the Configure Recast RCT application, you can download, browse for, and update Recast Software licenses on the Licensing tab. The same tab also displays all of your licensing details . NOTE : If you've installed Right Click Tools with Re...
  9. License Right Click Tools on a Computer Without Internet

    When Right Click Tools is installed on a computer with no internet connection, you can complete your registration via license download.
  10. License Right Click Tools Enterprise Standalone

    If you are an Enterprise customer installing Right Click Tools in Standalone mode, enter your Recast Portal username and password to sign in.