Installing Recast Agents

Recast Agents are installed on a computer and run Right Click actions on that computer as the local system account. Recast Agents are useful for running actions against workgroup devices or devices in untrusted domains. In this scenario, a Recast Agent would be installed on each workgroup computer that you would want to run Right Click Tools Actions against. A Recast Agent is installed using the Recast Agent MSI Installer, which is downloadable from

If deploying 5000+ agents, please follow the instructions in 503.2 IIS Error | Recast Docs ( beforehand. 

Start the installer

Installing Recast Agent

Connect to the Recast Management Server

Enter the Recast Management Server address and port number, click test to make sure that the Agent can connect to the Recast Management Server. When the installer responds with "Success" you can click install to continue.

If the installer does not connect to the Recast Management Server, the Agent will not be installed successfully. You must troubleshoot any error messages that appear in the installer before continuing with the the install.

Fast Channel Agent Install

On the second install screen, you can also select to only install the Fast Channel Agent. Choose this by clicking the box labeled "Install without connecting to RMS."

Select this option if you would like to install the Agent for Fast Channel only and not have it connect to the Recast Management Server (RMS). You will not be able to see this Agent in RMS. 

Connecting to Recast Management Server

Finish Agent Installer

After the Agent installer has finished, click Finish

Finish Agent Installer

Silent install with Recast Management Server

Add the parameter RCTENTERPRISESERVER=https://FQDN:Port to your install string so your agent can connect to the Recast Management server. Substitute the FQDN for your RMS server followed by the port number.

The default port used by RMS is 444. Inbound and outbound traffic over port 444 (or an alternative port you would have specified) will need to be enabled between the Recast Management Server and any device that has a Recast Agent in order for the agent to be able to communicate with the server.


msiexec.exe /i "Recast Agent.msi" /qn RCTENTERPRISESERVER=""

Silent install without Recast Management Server

If you do not have a Recast Management Server, you will need to use the parameter LICENSEPATH=  to specify the license file to use for your Agent installation. In version 4.2.2004 this needs to be specified for all silent Agent installations. This  will install the Full Agent on a device. 

The license path can be a relative or full path.


msiexec.exe /i "Recast Agent.msi" /qn LICENSEPATH=".\License\my.license"