Recast Software Version 5.0.2302.1001

Release Date: February 10, 2023

Build: 5.0.2302.1001

Recast Software Version 5.0.2302.1001 includes new features and performance improvements as well as bug fixes that resolve Configuration Manager Version 2207 Compatibility issues. This release is recommended for all Recast customers.

Upgrade Steps

Deploy this major release by downloading Version 5.0.2302.1001 from the Recast Portal then following the steps detailed in:

Version 5 Features

Infrastructure Update

Recast Software’s 5.0 release is underpinned by a software infrastructure update. Major changes under the hood won’t change core functionality, but they do offer immediate performance and stability improvements, and set Recast up to develop great new product features in 2023.

From here on, all product improvement and maintenance will be developed on the new infrastructure. Recast will continue to support software versions released within the previous two years (currently version 4.8 and above) but access to new features and bug fixes will require an update to a 5.x release.

Recast Management Server

Updated Design: You may notice subtle differences in the look and layout of pages of the Recast Management Server web interface. Some design changes have resulted from our infrastructure update, others were developed to improve usability and accessibility. The navigation panel has been reorganized for the new Agent Gateway and Service Connection pages, and font colors have been adjusted as needed to meet compliance standards and increase readability.

Agent Gateways: This new on-premises component connects your Recast Management Server to your Recast Agents, allowing actions to be run against endpoints at scale. An Agent Gateway is deployed, authorized and populated automatically during Recast Management Server installation. To learn more, see Agent Gateways.

Service Connections: You can now view, edit and delete your Recast Management Server connections to Active Directory domains, Configuration Manager, and MBAM in one place — the Service Connections page. Service connections are detected and populated automatically when you install Recast Management Server.

Easier Report Drilldown: Right Click Tools web dashboards and dashboard trends now display tabbed views, making it easier to select and see information associated with a pie chart segment.

Quicker Reporting: Thanks to the Recast software infrastructure update, dashboard reporting results return faster.

Right Click Tools

Tools: We've adjusted the location of a few tools.

Scopes: Scopes are now created automatically in the background when you create a route or limit user permissions to a set of devices.

Privilege Manager

Privilege Manager functionality is now integrated into Recast Management Server. You can view and manage Privilege Manager Licenses, Recast Agents, Agent Gateways, Service Connections, and Settings in the RMS web interface.

For a video walkthrough of what's new in 5.0, see Recast 5.0 Release Tour | YouTube.

Bug Fixes

Right Click Tools

Version 5 resolves Microsoft Configuration Manager v2207 compatibility issues:

  • Attempting to run an action no longer results in an 'Access Denied' error
  • Attempting to run a dashboard no longer produces a 'Method not found' error
  • Right-clicking on devices returned by dashboards doesn’t crash the Configuration Manager console
  • Kiosk Manager doesn’t open multiple tabs of the same web page at initial launch

End of Life Announcements

This version includes changes to the supported operating systems and software versions.

End of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2: To upgrade to Recast Software Version 5, you must update your operating system to Windows Server 2016, 2019 or 2022.

End of support for Recast Software releases prior to Version 4.8: For assistance updating your software version, contact Recast Support.

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