Client Tools: Show Collections - Advanced

The Show Collections- Advanced tool allows a console user view information about the collections a device object belongs to.

How it does it

This tool completes this action via Remote WMI.


Navigate to the Show Collections - Advanced tool by right clicking on a Device Object, selecting Recast RCT, then Client Tools, and finally selecting Show Collections - Advanced.

Show Collections- Advanced Navigation


The Show Collections- Advanced tool can be run on single devices or multi-selected devices. It cannot be run on a device collection.


When the action is run, it returns an tabbed window with information divided into the following sections:

Collections that the device object belongs to (with right click action available to remove the device from a collection):

Show Collections- Advanced Screenshot

Collection Variables:

Show Collections- Advanced Screenshot

Maintenance Windows:

Show Collections- Advanced Screenshot

and Power Plans:

Show Collections- Advanced Screenshot

Recast Permissions

ConfigMgr Server
Get Device Collection Information
ConfigMgr Server
Remove Devices from Collection permission

Microsoft Permissions

  • This action requires that the user has permissions in ConfigMgr to read properties about collections and remove devices from a collection. If using a Recast proxy to route actions, the same permissions are required for the service account.