Wake on LAN — Console Tool on Collection

The Wake on LAN tool turns on or awakens a device by sending a network message.

This action can be run on device collections, or with a similar tool designed for single and multi-selected devices.

To run the tool:

1. In your Configuration Manager console, right-click on a device collection.

2. Click Right Click Tools > Console Tools on Collection > Wake on LAN.

3. In the window that opens, click Start to run Wake on LAN immediately, or select Schedule Deployment to set a Start Date and Task Name, as well as an optional End Date and Repeat Interval.

WOL ScreenShot

When the tool is run immediately, the window that opens shows progress and completion according to success or failure.

WOL ScreenShot

Recast Permissions

ConfigMgr Server
Wake on LAN
Task Scheduler
Schedule Task (optional)

Microsoft Permissions

This action requires some setup in your environment. 

  • If using the subnet directed broadcast option, the routers in your environment will need to allow these types of packets from your Recast installations. 
  • If using Recast Management Server, these packets will need to be allowed from the Recast Management Server. 
  • When using unicast mode, some switches may need to be configured to forward UDP packets.

For information on setting Wake on LAN options, see Wake on LAN (WOL) Configuration.