Console Tools on Collection: System Information

This tool pulls a variety of system information and allows several right click actions.


Navigate to the System Information tool by right clicking on a Device Collection, selecting Recast RCT > Console Tools on Collection > System Information.

System Information Navigation


When the System Information tool is run against a collection, the following information is available for all the computers in the collection. Any errors while connecting will be shown at the bottom part of the page.

  • Operating System
  • Hardware
  • Applications
  • Windows Update
  • Services
  • Drivers
  • User profiles
  • Local Group Members
  • Batteries

System Information General Tab

Recast Permissions 

System InformationRead Only

Microsoft Permissions

  • This action requires local administrator permissions on the remote devices. If using a Recast Server with service account, the service account needs local administrator permissions on the remote devices. This tool requires remote WMI and Remote Registry access.