Console Tools: Connect to C$

The Connect to C$ tool opens the client's C drive in a local explorer window.

How it does it

This tool uses the hidden admin share (C$). This hidden admin share must remain enabled.


Navigate to the Connect to C$ Tool by right clicking on a device, selecting Recast RCT > Console Tools > Connect to C$:

Connect to C$ Navigation


The Connect to C$ tool requires the following permissions:

Recast Permissions

  • Requires the Open C$ Share permission in the Local Actions plugin.

Microsoft Permissions

  • The Connect to C$ tool requires that the user running the console have permissions to browse the c$ share on the remote device. Typically this means the user requires administrator permissions on the remote device. Note that this is the case even if using a Recast Server with a service account because this action launches an application outside of Recast.


If the user does not have permission, a prompt will open asking for a username and password to try to successfully connect to the remote device:

Connect to C$ configuration

TCP445 needs to be allowed from the device running the ConfigMgr console to the device being connected to in order for this tool to function.

Additional Information

This action is affected by the Windows Explorer setting in Configure Recast RCT. Specifying an alternative explorer shell will cause this tool to launch that application instead of Windows Explorer when trying to connect to the remote filesystem. When using the alternative shell Recast will not prompt for credentials if it detects the user does not have permission, it will let the alternative shell handle this scenario.