Configuring Actions To Run With A Recast Agent

Recast Agents are installed on a computer and run Right Click actions on that computer as the local system account. Recast Agents are useful for running actions against workgroup devices or devices in untrusted domains. It is also required for Endpoint Insights to gather additional information from devices that will be picked up during a Hardware Inventory Cycle. 


Authorize in Recast Management Server

Before actions will be sent from the Recast Management Server to the Agent, the Agent needs to be authorized. Please note that the Recast Management Server will auto approve any agents that connect from the same domain as the Recast Management Server. If a Recast Agent connects from a different domain (or from a workgroup computer) it must be manually approved.

To manually approve the Agent open the Configure Recast Management Server application (or connect to the Recast Management Server web interface) and navigate to Agents. Your new Agent should be visible, but Authorized may not have a filled in check box. Click on Edit to approve the Agent. The Edit Recast Agent window will open.

Authorize in Recast Management Server

Once saved the Authorized section will change to True (the check box to the right of the version number.).

Authorized Agent Screenshot

With the Agent authorized, make sure your routes reflect that you want Right Click Tools actions to run with the Agent. The Recast Agent route should be at the top of your list.

Agent Route at the top of the Routes list

When the Recast Agent route is at the top of the list. Actions to any device(s) with the Agent installed will run through the Recast Management Server to the Agent computer, and will be run as the system account.