Client Tools on Collection: Remove Computers from Collection(s)

The Remove Computes from Collection(s) tool allows administrators to remove a group of computers from a specific collection.

How it does it

This tool completes this action via Remote WMI.


Navigate to the Remove Computers from Collection(s) tool by right clicking on a Device Collection, selecting Recast RCT > Client Tools on Collection > Remove Computers from Collection(s):

RUCS Navigation

Remove Computers from Collection(s)

When the action is run, a dialogue box will that allows users to specify which devices they want to remove:

Remove Computers from Collection(s) Screenshot

Upon running of the tool with the Start button, a progress window will appear and organize devices into successful and unsuccessful categories until the operation is complete, with progress messages at the bottom. Options are available to re-run the action or close the tool as well.

Recast Permissions

ConfigMgr Client
Remove Computers from Collection(s)

Microsoft Permissions

  • This tool requires administrator permission on the remote device. If using a Recast Server with service account, the service account needs administrator permission on the remote device.