BitLocker Web Dashboard

The BitLocker Web Dashboard runs a scan to examine compliance for BitLocker in Active Directory, MBAM and ConfigMgr.

Accessing the Dashboard from the Recast Management Server

The BitLocker Dashboard is located under the Dashboards menu in the Recast Management Server

AD Cleanup tool Location

On the following page it will tell you that configuration is required. Click to add a service connection or use a service connection that you previously created.

Service Connection Picker

Click the button to start the scan.

Start Scan Button

At this point results will be returned. You can create a snapshot by clicking on the Snapshot button.

Create Snapshot

The chart in the bottom window provides information related to the devices that have a key in AD, are listed as compliant in the MBAM Database, or are compliant in the ConfigMgr Database.

Bitlocker results page

Microsoft Permissions for the Proxy Service Account

The BitLocker Compliance dashboard requires read rights to Active Directory OUs and their computer objects contained within for the specific domain. For the left pie chart, it will also need read rights to AD computer object leaf/nested objects which contain BitLocker recovery keys as well as read permissions to the MBAM Recover and Hardware Database. The right pie chart requires read rights to the MBAM Compliance Status database.