Software Updates Deployment Status (SUDS) Dashboard


This tool displays the update compliance for each update classification in your environment. It allows you to obtain detailed information about each update classification and take action on devices as needed.

How Information is Collected

The global list of updates is populated from SMS_SoftwareUpdate (WMI) The list of required/missing updates that are not in the Updates classification or the Office 365 Client product category is populated from SMS_UpdateComplianceStatus (WMI) or v_Update_ComplianceStatus (SQL, if configured)

If zero update compliance info is found a device is listed as unknown. If a single non-compliant update is found the device is listed as non-compliant. Otherwise it's compliant.


This tool can be filtered by Collection, Software Update Group(s), Deployed Updates, time and by Update Type.

Results can be exported to CSV (via the button at the bottom right of the page).

SUDS screenshot

The left pane shows devices by compliance. Compliant devices have reported they are compliant to ConfigMgr based on the criteria selected, Non-Compliant devices have reported that they are not compliant to ConfigMgr based on the criteria selected. Unknown devices have not reported compliance data to ConfigMgr. This can occur if devices have not checked in since updates were deployed, if devices are no longer the network, or if devices are not able to communicate to the ConfigMgr servers for some other reason.

The right shows the missing updates by category. As with the other dashboards, selecting any part of a chart will populate a list of the associated devices in the bottom pane.

The chart in this Dashboard is slightly different from the others, in that it includes an additional level of information about each update on each device-- accessible by clicking the down arrow to the left of each device in the chart.

SUDS screenshot2

SUDS Actionable Results

  • As with all of the RCT Security and Compliance Dashboards, these results are actionable with Right Click Tools (and support multi-select):

SUDS screenshot3

Recast Permissions

Microsoft Permissions

The Software Update Deployment Status dashboard requires read rights to device collections for the Collection drop-down. It will need permissions to query devices within those collections. In addition it will need read permissions to Software Updates and Software Update groups within Configuration Manager.