Recast Software Version 5.3.2310.304

Release Date: October 4, 2023 

Version 5.3.2310.304 includes new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Upgrade to this Recast Software release by downloading it from the Recast Portal. For instructions on updating your system to this version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights and Privilege Manager.

The Application Manager catalog continues to expand!
See Recently Added Software for a list of 22 new applications you can now deploy using Application Manager.


Privilege Manager 

Pre-set Reason Categories for Privilege Elevation

As a Privilege Manager administrator, you can now require end users, and those generating activation codes for end users, to choose a reason for requesting temporary privilege elevation from a list of pre-set categories. Selectable reason categories reduce data entry inconsistencies and offer easier sorting and filtering on Privilege Manager reports. To learn how to configure reason categories for Target Groups, see Edit Client Settings.

Reporting Improvements

  • Activation Type: The Agents page and Activation Codes report now display an Activation Type that differentiates elevation by 'activation code' and 'self-service'.
  • Domain: The Agents page, Activation Codes report, and Retrieved Passwords report now display domain information for a specific agent. Agents can also be sorted by domain.

Endpoint Insights

FIPS Compliance Compatibility: Endpoint Insights can now be installed in environments where FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliance is required.

Recast Management Server

Recast Agent Performance Improvements: We've greatly improved the speed at which the Agent service connects after an Agent restart. A connection that previously took up to a minute to complete now happens in under 10 seconds!

Bug Fixes

Right Click Tools

  • Remote Software Center:
    • Fixes access to the Right Click Tools menu when right-clicking a device on the Applications tab. (Customer-Reported Bug 10636)
    • Removes non-functional device list carets on the Applications tab.
  • System Information: Restores sorting functionality for the Pending Restart, OS Install Date, and Last Boot Time columns. (Customer-Reported Bug 10771)
  • Enable/Disable Account: Fixes a failure when the username includes a dot. (Customer-Reported Bug 9230)
  • Content Distribution Monitor Dashboard: Fixes incorrect color assignments for 'In Progress' and 'Error' statuses. (Customer-Reported Bug 3466)
  • Console Dashboards: Fixes greyed out Right Click Tools menus. (Customer-Reported Bug 9029)

Privilege Manager

Client Settings: Removes ineffective Debug mode option that did not override Recast Agent logging level settings.

Recast Management Server

Agent Gateway: Fixes an issue with Agent Gateways failing to reconnect and resynchronize data upon Recast Management Server startup.

End of Life Announcements

Shift Left Decommission: Recast Software will retire Shift Left on April 10th, 2024.
To learn how Recast Software can meet the needs of your Help Desk teams with Right Click Tools, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. For assistance throughout the transition process, contact Recast Support.

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