Recast Software Version 5.2.2309.1504

Release Date: September 20, 2023

Upgrade to this Recast Software bug fix release by downloading Version 5.2.2309.1504 from the Recast Portal. For instructions on updating your system to this version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools and Endpoint Insights. This release does not include any changes to Shift Left, Privilege Manager or Application Manager.

New! Recast Release Notes now include internal work item numbers for customer-reported bugs — making it easier to recognize when a specific bug fix is included in a release.

Bug Fixes

Recast Management Server

  • RMS User Account: Fixes an issue with large numbers of entries being added to the Keys folder. (Customer-Reported Bug 9929)
  • Agent Gateway: Fixes the following Agent Gateway installer error when attempting to configure RMS: 'Could not load file or assembly…The system cannot find the file specified.' (Customer-Reported Bug 10814)
  • Recast Agent: Fixes an issue where an Agent switched to Standalone mode still behaves as if enrolled with the Recast Management Server.
  • Service Connections: Fixes a 401 error when testing an Azure Active Directory service connection.
  • Audit Log: Fixes display issues for audit log and device tool results. 
  • Logs: Adds missing information level logging when Recast Management Server, Agent Gateway and Agents are connected.

Right Click Tools

  • Console Dashboards: Fixes an issue where clicking away from a dashboard immediately clears its data and resets the dashboard. (Customer-Reported Bug 10138)
  • Kiosk Manager: Fixes loading issues and missing audit log entries when attempting to apply a kiosk profile. (Customer-Reported Bugs 9717 & 9851)

Endpoint Insights

  • Hardware Inventory: Adds missing docking station serial numbers. (Customer-Reported Bug 9059)
  • Recast Agent: Adds a missing User.exe Schedule task.
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