Deploy Applications

To deploy an application:

1. Navigate to the Applications page in your Recast Management Server.

2. Search for the application to deploy.

3. Click the Deploy button to the right of the application to deploy.

If the application is already included in an existing deployment process, the Reimport Application side panel will open.

If the application is not already included in a deployment process, clicking Deploy will open a panel where you can add a deployment process.

To add a deployment process:

1. In the Select Application(s) side panel, search for and select the applications to deploy with this deployment process. Click Next.

2. Name the deployment process and click Next.

3. From the list of collections drawn from your Configuration Manager environment, select the device or user collection to which you'll deploy the applications. Click Save & Close.

4. On the Deployment Process Details page that opens next, configure the duration of the deployment process. You can deploy the application to more collections and/or add a delay prior to a deployment step. When done, click Save

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