User Experience Settings

Application Manager has a number of settings to adjust the user experience related to deployment processes.

  • Running processes that must be closed before installation 
    • Add, Edit or Delete Process  (The Executable File Name must have .com or .exe extension)
  • Allow application installations when 
    • Application package default: Follow default value defined in the Application Manager Catalog
    • User is logged in: Applications can only be installed when user is logged on
    • No users are logged on: Applications can only be installed when there are no users logged on
    • Always: Applications can be installed whether there is user logged or not
  • Maximum Allowed Runtime: Sets the longest time the application install should run. Default is 120 minutes.
  • Estimated Installation Time: Sets the estimated installation time. This value is visible to the end user in Software Center. Default is 0 minutes. Maximum value is 12 hours.

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