Recast Software Version 5.3.2312.503

Release Date: December 6, 2023

Version 5.3.2312.503 includes new features and bug fixes. Upgrade to this Recast Software release by downloading it from the Recast Portal. For instructions on updating to this version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights, and Application Manager for MECM.


Right Click Tools

Encrypted Password Support for Windows LAPS 

AD LAPS Password & Set LAPS Password Expiration tools now work with the new Windows LAPS feature, as well as legacy Microsoft LAPS, for encrypted passwords. Both tools also now display the local admin account name when using Windows LAPS.

New Recast Builder Action

Download and Install Select Updates action: This action allows you to download and install selected missing software updates on a comanaged device.

To learn more, see Recently Added Recast Builder Actions.

Application Manager for MECM

Supercedence Relationship Removal for Non-existing Applications

Supersedence relationships for non-existing applications are removed weekly. This feature only affects applications created by Application Manager where Retired cleanup is set to 'Remove retired applications and media'.

Application Revision Cleanup

Application revisions are removed from Configuration Manager before distributing content to a distribution point group. This improvement prevents potential performance issues when Revision cleanup is set to 'True' and the application has dependencies.

Bug Fixes

Recast Management Server

Recast Agent

  • Fixes inconsistent license validation messages in Recast Agent logs. (Customer-Reported Bug 12207)
  • Fixes Agent and Gateway reconnection issues after connection failure.
  • Fixes an inaccurate Agent connectivity state after Agent Gateway or Recast Management Server restart.

Audit Log: Adds monthly scheduled tasks to clean up logs and snapshots.

Right Click Tools


Remote Software Center

  • Fixes date and time errors when attempting to load applications on devices. (Customer-Reported Bug 6244)
  • Adds missing user-deployed applications on the Applications tab. (Customer-Reported Bug 9759)
  • Restores the full list of applications for workgroup devices. (Customer-Reported Bug 8177)
  • Clarifies console error messaging when SQL access to the ConfigMgr database must be configured.
  • Adds missing results upon Remote Software Center refresh.

Configuration Manager Console: Restores missing Right Click Tools actions when selecting required devices within a software update. (Customer-Reported Bug 11829)

AD LAPS Password: Fixes a 'Value cannot be null' error. (Customer-Reported Bug 12697)

Device Status Messages: Adds missing status messages from workstations. (Customer-Reported Bug 9485)

User Devices: Fixes a 'Call cancelled' error when attempting to return a large set of user devices.

System Information: Adds a missing audit log message when deleting a user profile.


Active Directory Cleanup

  • Fixes a 'Failed to find account' error when attempting to delete devices from Active Directory. (Customer-Reported Bug 12684)
  • Fixes timeout errors when running some actions from Configuration Manager.

Hardware and Firmware Audit: Fixes missing results when attempting to run a scan that includes all collections.

Software Updates Deployment Status (SUDS): Fixes slow result return when collections are chosen.

Web and Console Dashboards: Fixes inconsistent results when running multiple scans with the same parameters.

Console Dashboards: Resizes Endpoint Insights, Kiosk Manager and Right Click Tools icons in dashboard menus.

Endpoint Insights

Configuration Manager Console

  • Fixes link function when trying to open reports from the Endpoint Insights node. (Customer-Reported Bug 9060)
  • Resizes Endpoint Insights, Kiosk Manager and Right Click Tools icons in dashboard and report menus.

Computer Details Report: Restores the ability to open reports listed within Computer Details. (Customer-Reported Bug 11617)

Application Manager for MECM

Integration Client: Fixes an issue when the Deploy purpose is set to 'Available with forced upgrade' on device collections.

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