Recast Software Version 5.3.2311.103

Recast Software Version 5.3.2311.103

Release Date: November 1, 2023

Version 5.3.2311.103 includes new features and many bug fixes, particularly for Software Update reports in Endpoint Insights. Upgrade to the newest Recast Software release by downloading this version from the Recast Portal.

For instructions on updating your system to this version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights, Privilege Manager, Application Manager for MECM, and Application Manager for WSUS.


Right Click Tools

Windows LAPS Support

The AD LAPS Password and Set LAPS Password Expiration tools now work with the new Windows LAPS feature, as well as legacy Microsoft LAPS, for non-encrypted/plain-text passwords.

New Recast Builder Actions

Get Updates: This action returns missing software updates for a given computer.

Download and Install Updates: This action downloads and installs all missing software updates on a comanaged device.

To learn more, see Recently Added Recast Builder Actions.

Bug Fixes

Recast Portal

Customer Communications: Adds missing emails inviting new customers to register their account. (Customer-Reported Bug 10769)

Right Click Tools

AD Cleanup Tool Console Dashboard: Fixes an 'Unable to parse the device's necessary parameters' error when attempting to delete objects from Active Directory. (Customer-Reported Bug 9850)

Remote Software Center

  • Fixes missing details when expanding a row on the Software Updates tab.
  • Fixes loading issues for user-based deployments.

Endpoint Insights

Chassis Types

Adds missing chassis types (25 thru 36) to the following reports:

  • Computer Replacement Cost
  • List of Computers by Replacement Category
  • Computer Warranty Information
  • All in One Computer View
  • Computer Endpoint Type Details
  • Count by Endpoint Type
  • List of Computers by Endpoint Type
    (Customer-Reported Bug 3988)

Software Update Reports

Fixes incorrect results on the following reports:

  • Count of Computers Missing Software Updates by Classification
  • Overall Missing Software Update Status by Classification
  • List of Computers With a Particular Software Update
  • Software Updates by Age
  • Most Vulnerable Computers Online
  • Patch Compliance Progression by Collection
  • Overall Software Update Status Dashboard
    (Customer-Reported Bugs 11287 & 8504)

Overall Software Update Status Dashboard

  • Fixes a 'Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string' error when drilling down on classifications in the dashboard. (Customer-Reported Bug 7467)
  • Adds the missing gauge when the Updates classification is selected. (Customer-Reported Bug 10534)
  • Fixes an error where the Collection is pre-selected, the Software Update List is not, and the reverse should be true.

Count of Computers Missing Software Updates by Classification

  • Updates 'Total Number of Computers' text to 'Total Number of Software Updates on All Computers' for improved clarity. (Customer-Reported Bug 10535)
  • Removes the requirement to select a prompt when drilling down to this report.
  • Removes a duplicate collection listing in the report footer.

List of Computers With a Particular Software Update

  • Fixes non-RBA (Role-Based Administration) reports that were using RBA functions and producing inconsistent results. (Customer-Reported Bug 9396)
  • Fixes missing results when the Article ID is set to 'n/a' on the Count of Computers Missing Software Updates by Classification report. (Customer-Reported Bug 9397)
  • Removes the requirement to select a prompt when drilling down to this report.

Comparison of Installed Software: Fixes inaccurate results when filtering by 'Find Computers Containing'. (Customer-Reported Bug 4078)

Patch Compliance Progression by Collection: Fixes inaccurate results when filtering by the Software Update Group. (Customer-Reported Bug 9395)

Count of Computers by Warranty Range, Count of Computers by Age: For a DSC of 100 or more, replaces an inaccurate error message with a 'Waiting for Validation' notification. (Customer-Reported Bug 10133)

List of Computers by Latest Software Update: Fixes a Collection ID error when attempting to run the report.

Component Health States by Site: Fixes column header formatting.

Privilege Manager

Installer: Fixes Recast Management Server installation and update issues for Recast Software customers licensed for Privilege Manager only. (Customer-Reported Bug 11922)

Default Groups: Adds missing Network Configuration Operators, Remote Desktop Users and Power Users groups that should appear by default.

Group/User/Self-Service Rules: Fixes rules not being applied to target devices.

Self-Service: Fixes an error when attempting to elevate privileges for local users if the Target type is an OU or domain.

Application Manager

AM for Intune

  • Fixes a loading error on the Status page. (Customer-Reported Bug 11672)
  • Fixes issues with the Application Groups feature.

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