HP or Microsoft Surface Warranty Date Issues

Newly discovered HP and Microsoft Surface devices without the Recast Agent installed will initially show a Warranty Data Source Check (DSC) code above 100, meaning that the warranty collection process has not been completed (The DSC will start at 179 and drop to 170 over the course of several days). This is designed to allow time to install the Recast Agent and to collect extra details that guarantee the validity of the warranty data.

To speed up the collection of warranty details for HP and Microsoft Surface devices, install the Recast Agent and allow the ConfigMgr Hardware Inventory Cycle to occur.

NOTE: Until the warranty data can be collected, the Recast API service will return the BIOS date instead. In most cases, the device will show the BIOS date as the warranty start date. The end date will be the BIOS date plus one year. If the BIOS date can't be determined or is invalid, a 1980/1981 placeholder date will be used.

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