Kiosk Manager is a collection of tools and configurations to customize and deploy single-purpose devices. Common use cases include kiosks, testing machines, digital signage, and shared workspace machines. Kiosk Manager uses profiles, which are saved collections of settings and configurations, that are deployed to the device or collection to achieve a desired state.

Kiosk Manager is available as a licensed add-on feature. To enable Kiosk Manager on your Right Click Tools Enterprise account, contact our Customer Success team.

Navigate to Kiosk Manager in your Configuration Manager console by right-clicking on a device or device collection and choosing Right Click Tools > Kiosk Manager.

For information on viewing, deleting, copying, importing, or exporting profiles, see Manage Kiosk Profiles.

For information on adding a new profile and configuring its settings, see Create & Configure a Kiosk Profile.

To learn how to deploy profiles or remove them from devices, see Apply Kiosk Profiles.

NOTE: This tool completes actions using remote WMI.

Kiosk Profile Storage Location

Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server: Profiles are stored in the RecastManagementServer SQL Database on the server where RMS is installed.

Right Click Tools Standalone: Profiles are stored on the device where the profile was created at C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\RecastRCT\ManagementDB.sqlite