Most Vulnerable Computers Online

The Most Vulnerable Computers Online report shows the online status of computers in a specified collection, as well as the most vulnerable computers in that collection, determined by which are both online and missing patches. The information can be invaluable to administrators as they decide where their most urgent remediation efforts should focus.

The report has two sections, each set to auto-refresh every 5 minutes.

Computers Online summarizes the online status for computers within a collection.

  • Not Seen: Inactive Configuration Manager client or no Configuration Manager client
  • Offline: Active client, but currently not connected to Configuration Manager
  • Online: Active client connected to Configuration Manager

Vulnerable Computer Status displays the top 25 vulnerable computers currently online, based on missing patches. 

This report drills through to:

Online Status of Computers by Collection: Displays the online status of computers within a specific collection.

Computer Software Update Details by Classification: This Power BI page shows the total number of software updates, either installed or required software updates. Lists device details, such as username and domain, and information about each software update.

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