Recast Software Version 5.1.2306.203

Release Date: June 7, 2023

Upgrade to this Recast Software bug fix release by downloading Version 5.1.2306.203 from the Recast Portal.

For instructions on updating to this version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools and Endpoint Insights. This release does not include any changes to Shift Left, Privilege Manager or Application Manager.

Bug Fixes

Recast Management Server

Fixes issues loading Active Directory and Configuration Manager service connections.

Right Click Tools


Client Information: Fixes an issue on the Applications tab where the Install State displayed incorrectly.


  • Software Updates Web Dashboard: Fixes missing results for new trends on the Trends dashboard.
  • Software Updates Deployment Status (SUDS) Console Dashboard: Adds missing Name and KB Article fields when copying and pasting rows from the dashboard to other applications.

Recast Builder

  • Fixes single grid and two grid results that weren't being returned.
  • Fixes an issue with the BitLocker - Add Protectors And Encrypt action where the Key Protectors could not be added as input parameters.
  • Fixes an agent.sqlite error in the Re-Enroll Agent template.

Kiosk Manager

  • Fixes missing exception logging.
  • Fixes missing results when attempting to view the Applied Profile Status.

Endpoint Insights

  • Fixes errors when clicking View All Category Reports or the ConfigMgr Native report link from the Endpoint Insights node.
  • Fixes a loading error when attempting to open the Software Update Health Dashboard.

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