User Management Tools Overview

Below are tools that you can use to manage users in your environment

User Tools

Change Password

The Change Password tool is a user action that allows an SCCM user to change another user's password. Options are available for specifying the new password, forcing the user to change it at next logon, and for unlocking the account if it is currently locked.

Email User

The Email User tool looks for the primary email address associated with a user object (or multiple user objects) and then opens the default email application and adds the address to the "to" field so an email can be written and sent.

Enable or Disable Account

The Enable/Disable Account tool allows an administrator to see the current state of a user account, and then enable or disable it, respectively.

Security Groups

The Security Groups tool searches for and then displays security group membership for a user account. It allows a ConfigMgr user to see the Primary Group, Direct Group Membership, and Nested Group Membership. Actions can be taken as well-- including adding the user account to a New Direct Group and then Refreshing the membership lists.

Unlock Account

The Unlock Account tool unlocks a user account.

User Devices

The User Devices tool will display devices that a user has logged into, as well as identifying their primary device.

User Status Messages

The User Status Message Tool will display status messages for a selected user

User Collection Tools

Add Users to Collection(s)

Choose specific users to add to an existing collection.

Remove Users from Collection(s)

Remove specific users from an existing collection.