Content Management Tools

This tool assists in the management of content transfers on Distribution Points in your environment. Click above for more information about this monitor.

Content Information

This dashboard offers a more proactive way of managing and distributing task sequence content. Locate the Content Information Dashboard by right clicking on an existing Task Sequence > Recast RCT > Content Information:

Content Tools Navigation

Content Information Tool

When the Content Information Tool is run, the following 3-paned window will open showing Distribution Points, Content on a Distribution Point and Content in Task Sequence:

Content Tools right click screenshot

Distribution Points

The top left pane shows all available distribution points. Right clicking here allows users to distribute all of the content tied to the selected task sequence to that DP immediately. Selecting a DP also populates the right pane with all of the content that has already been pushed to that DP:

Content Tools DP screenshot

Content on Distribution Point

The top right pane shows all content on the selected Distribution Point. Right clicking on any piece of content in the top right pane (once populated by selecting a DP), offers additional options to add an individual piece of content to the DP, redistribute that content, remove it, or validate it:

Content Tools Content on DP screenshot

Content in Task Sequence

The bottom pane shows all of the content associated with the selected task sequence. Right clicking on any piece of content provides tools for checking content status, reading content status messages or opening the source path for that piece of content:

Content Tools Content in Task Sequence screenshot

Content Status Tool

The Content Status tool displays a list of content tied to a Distribution Point as well as general information about the DP. It also contains a right click submenu of action items. Locate the Content Status Tool by right clicking on a Distribution Point > Recast RCT > Content Status:

Content Tools Navigation

When the Content Status Tool is run, the following windows will open and display content on the Distribution Point (below). A drop-down arrow for general DP information is available by clicking the down arrow next to "General DP Information." By right clicking on a piece of content, an action-item submenu will open:

Content Tools right click screenshot

Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers

This tool executes the action described in the title-- all failed content transfers are re-attempted. Locate the Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers Tool by right clicking on a Distribution Point > Recast RCT > Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers:

Content Tools Redistribute Navigation

Recast Permissions

Microsoft Permissions

  • The Content Tools requires that the user running the tool has permissions to look at the group memberships for the object in Active Directory. The user will also need permissions to modify the memberships of group objects in Active Directory if using that part of the tool. If using a Recast Server with a service account, the service account will need the permissions listed instead of the user running the too

  • The below security role permissions have been verified to allow the use of Right Click Tools actions when working with content information.

Content Tools Permissions