User Actions Do Not Display

Troubleshooting Steps

Check ServiceNow Users Domain

For your ServiceNow users, make sure the domain is populated with the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of your domain.

To check that the domain is populated:

1. In ServiceNow, navigate to sys_user.LIST.

2. Click the Setting icon (cog) at the upper-left of the User List. 

3. In the Personalize List Columns window that opens, select Domain from the Available list.

4.  Click the right-facing arrow to move Domain to the Selected list.

5. Click OK.

The domain column will now be displayed in your user list. You can now verify that the domain is the FQDN.

If the domain is not showing as the FQDN, you will not be able to edit the domain field on the form. To do this, you can use a Recast script to parse the domain from the LDAP source and populate the domain fields. The script is available at

Check Shift Left Permissions

If you're still experiencing issues, make sure that Shift Left has the necessary permissions. Shift Left requires the following Read/Write or Read Only permissions for the listed system tables:

Read/Write Permissions

  • incident: Add work note
  • ecc_queue: Add mid server command line call for each RecastProxy.CommandLine call
  • sys_dictionary: Add buttons to incident form

Read Only Permissions

  • sys_user_role
  • sys_user_has_roles
  • sys_user: Source field (parses user domain); Username
  • ecc_agent: Check mid server status
  • cmdb_ci_computer: Device name; OS_domain
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