Shift Left Device Actions

Device actions can be performed from within a ServiceNow incident.

View Available Device Actions

On the incident form in ServiceNow, a Shift Left button is displayed next to the Configuration item field when the Configuration Item is populated.

Not seeing the Shift Left icon on your incident form? Check out this troubleshooting article.

Clicking the Shift Left button next to the Configuration item field opens the Available Device Actions window. 

The top section displays details about the device. The side navigation panel shows the Device Action categories.

AD BitLocker Key 

This tab displays a Retrieve Key button. When selected, the Active Directory BitLocker key and related information will be displayed.


This tab displays the Last Compliance Status and the Last Eval Time on the device. You can run a new compliance evaluation by clicking Evaluate.

Deployed Applications

This tab displays the applications on the device that were deployed by Configuration Manager. You can Install or Uninstall applications.

Group Policy Update

This tab allows you to initiate an update of the machine policy or user policy on the device.

LAPS Password 

On this tab you can retrieve the device's LAPS password and expiration. 

Logged In Users

This tab displays any users that are currently logged in on the device.

Ping Device 

On this tab you can ping the device and view any returned results.


On this tab there are options to shutdown or restart the device as well as skipping the action if a user is logged in, delaying the shutdown/restart (in seconds), and displaying a message on the device before the shutdown/restart action is initiated.

Software Updates

This tab displays updates that are available on the device, if any.

Task Sequences 

This tab displays any task sequences currently on the device.

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