When running an action in Right Click Tools, you will be asked to sign in to Recast Software. The way you sign in will depend on which Right Click Tools edition you're using, whether you have Recast Management Server, and your internet connectivity.


Licensing Right Click Tools Community Edition
If you are a new user of Right Click Tools Community Edition, you can license the software by creating a free Recast account and downloading your license from the Recast Portal.
Licensing Right Click Tools Enterprise Standalone
If you are an Enterprise customer installing Right Click Tools in Standalone mode, enter your Recast Portal username and password to sign in.
Licensing Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server
If you are using Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server, you'll need to connect to it.
Licensing Right Click Tools on a Computer Without Internet
When Right Click Tools is installed on a computer with no internet connection, you can complete your registration via license download.
Downloading, Browsing and Updating Licenses
In the Configure Recast RCT application, you can download, browse for, and update Recast Software licenses on the Licensing tab. The same tab also displays all of your licensing details . You can open the Configure Recast RCT application from th...
Viewing License Details
The location of your licensing details depends on whether you're using Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server or in Standalone mode.