Recast Software Version 5.0 BETA Issues

The Recast Software Version 5.0 BETA includes some known issues and limitations, which our development teams are working to resolve prior to the full release of v5.0.

Version 5.0 BETA fixes Configuration Manager Version 2207 Compatibility issues. However, this release is not recommended for customers using Builder, Kiosk, or UWF profiles.

Known Issues

Right Click Tools

  • Kiosk & United Write Filter (UWF) profiles won't be applied automatically and cannot be scheduled. These profiles can be migrated manually by saving your Kiosk and UWF profiles prior to upgrade and adding them after the move to v5.0 is complete.
  • The Windows UWF installer bundled in the Recast installer isn't working. The installation can be run manually, if needed.
  • Builder profiles won't be migrated automatically. To manually move your Builder profiles, save them prior to installing the update and add them after completing the upgrade to v5.0.
  • Software Updates web dashboard snapshots and trends created in a previous Recast Software version will not load automatically. Snapshots and trends can be manually migrated using a script. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Recast Support for assistance and to obtain the needed script.

Revert to a Previous Recast Software Version

Systems upgraded to the v5.0 BETA release can only be reverted to a previous Recast Software version with a clean install, which will return settings to defaults. It’s recommended that the v5.0 BETA be deployed as a new installation on a separate server as this offers the option to revert quickly to an existing 4.x release.

For help troubleshooting v5.0 BETA, please reach out to Recast Support.